Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics: Transportation and logistics companies benefit from our employee modular container solutions for rest areas, storage, and temporary offices. We offer quick deployment options for long-haul operations.

Emergency Portable Modular Kitchen Rental provides tailored Basecamp Turnkey Services to meet the unique needs of each industry, with a variety of modular containers and trailers available for rent or deployment, ensuring functionality, durability, and comfort in any remote location.

  • Containerized Laundry Trailer: Provides on-site laundry facilities for camp residents, ensuring clean and accessible clothing.
  • Containerized Kitchen Trailer: Equipped with cooking and food preparation facilities to cater to the culinary needs of the camp.
  • Containerized Shower Trailer: Offers clean and private showering facilities for camp residents, promoting hygiene and comfort.
  • Containerized Restroom Trailer: Provides restroom and sanitation facilities to ensure the well-being and comfort of camp occupants.
  • Containerized Dining Hall Trailer: A versatile space for communal dining, equipped with seating and food service areas.
  • Containerized Medical Clinic Trailer: Offers basic medical services and first aid facilities for camp residents.
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailer: A fully functional kitchen on wheels, ideal for large-scale catering and food preparation.
  • Containerized Dishwashing Trailer: Provides efficient dishwashing facilities to maintain hygiene in the camp’s dining area.
  • Command Center Trailer: Equipped with communication and monitoring equipment to manage camp operations effectively.
  • Recreation Facilities Trailer for Rental: Contains recreational equipment and spaces for relaxation and leisure activities.
  • Mobile Cell Tower Trailer for Hire: Ensures uninterrupted communication by providing mobile cell tower services in remote areas.
  • Potable Water Trailer: Stores and dispenses safe drinking water for camp residents in areas with limited access to clean water sources.
  • Temporary Power Trailer: Generates and distributes electricity to power camp facilities and equipment.
  • Equipment Storage Trailer Rentals: Provides secure storage for tools, equipment, and supplies needed for camp operations.
  • Office Trailer: A mobile office space for administrative tasks and management of camp logistics.
  • Accommodation Container Connex Rental: Living quarters that can be customized for individual or shared occupancy.
  • Security Trailer: Equipped with surveillance and security measures to ensure the safety of the camp.
  • First-Aid Station Trailer for Rent: Contains medical supplies and equipment for emergency medical care.
  • Research Laboratory Trailer for Hire: A mobile lab for scientific research and experiments in remote locations.
  • VIP Accommodation Conex Trailer for Rentals: Provides upscale living quarters for distinguished guests or special events.


Emergency Portable Modular Kitchen Rental offers these diverse trailers and equipment options to cater to the specific needs of various industries, ensuring that turnkey man camps are well-equipped, functional, and comfortable for camp residents.

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